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The 12th five year plan is called ‘Plan for Health’ with increased focus and outlay on health care. Health care has been allocated more than INR 3.0 Lac Crore, which is the highest allocation to healthcare sector in the history.

Though health care in India has had some fantastic achievements, like eradication of small pox, polio etc., but we are still not there. Major challenges remain. The country is struggling with many problems; including rural healthcare, chronic diseases, communicable diseases, shortfall in education and training of healthcare workers, healthcare infrastructure, besides others.

We cannot expect the Government to deliver everything for everyone. Healthcare has missed the evolution of Private sector & the revolution of technology. Private sector has played a major role in other sectors and helped them meet the national requirements, and the revolution of technology has changed all other consumer focused sectors like banking , retail , agriculture , governance etc. Private sector and the use of Technology has to play a pivotal role if we wish to make healthcare reach every single person in the country.

This is the time when all the stakeholders need to come together & discuss what will it take to deliver an outcome-based healthcare for the 1.22 billion Indians.

The focus of the summit is on the role of private sector & technology in bridging the divide and improving the delivery of healthcare, keeping the patient as the central focus.

India’s leading daily, “The Economic Times” is hosting the “ET India Health Care Summit 2014” at Delhi, to bring all the stake-holders around the table, to discuss the key challenges and the way out to address them.

The summit will be attended by the key officials of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, senior leaders from the healthcare industry and the NGO’s working in the field.
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