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India is currently the second most populous country in the world with average age of nation citizen between 32- 34 years. With population rising further both in volume and age, increase in the number of occupational health hazards, augmented health awareness and medical tourism – the demand on healthcare delivery has intensied multifold. While varied measures have been taken by stakeholders, medical reach to all still remains a distant vision because of infrastructure, costs and accessibility. However, one of the foreseeable solutions to all these can be to leverage innovative and latest technology which will not only increase point of care but success rates of preventive and curative medicine as well.

India, already home to technocrats and steadily rising literacy rates have been witnessing increased adoption of telemedicine, HIS, electronic health records, mHealth, and web-based services. However, while many initiatives have been taken in this direction, there are few critical challenges that need to be addressed before Indian healthcare delivery can move further in this direction. These include data assimilation and analysis, condentiality and security of records, large storage capacity, 360 degree infrastructure, skill development of human resources among other issues.

Economic Times - Vouching for a Healthy India

The Economic Times has always associated with the cause of national development and strongly believes that a seamless healthcare delivery system will be one of the key pillars for the future growth of nation. Considering this, we bring together visionaries and senior leaders from government and private sector to discuss how technological intervention can help in creating better service delivery and nd optimal solutions to challenges in implementing these systems.
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